BVD Eradication in Wales - The Next Step

22nd Dec 2022

Over 9,300 (85%) of cattle farms in Wales have screened for BVD through the Gwaredu BVD voluntary programme since 2017. The 31 of December 2022 marks the end of the current free BVD Youngstock Screening and PI Hunt funding phase. 

Following the Welsh Government public consultation in the Summer of 2022 on the introduction of a compulsory BVD eradication programme, there is a possibility that BVD testing could become mandatory. We eagerly await the outcome of the consultation and the Minister's decision on this.


So, what happens next?

As of 1 January 2023, the Welsh BVD eradication programme will enter a new phase where farmers will have to pay their vets for any testing carried out - the cost of which will depend on individual vet practices. 


Gwaredu BVD recommends that the whole industry continues to test their herds in order to retain the gains made in eradicating BVD from Wales. 


Why should Farmers continue to screen for BVD?

  • To determine the health status of their herd.
  • To receive and retain a Gwaredu BVD certificate.
  • To support and promote informed purchasing during cattle trade.
  • Contribute towards getting farm assurance certification. 


Vets should ensure they continue to use Gwaredu BVD submission forms, and to share these along with the results with Gwaredu BVD in order for certificates to be issued, if the results are negative.


John Griffiths, Gwaredu BVD Programme Manager said:


“On behalf of the Gwaredu BVD team and partners, I would like to thank the industry for their support during the voluntary phase and for their continued effort in eradicating BVD in Wales. 

We strongly encourage you to continue screening in 2023, and where necessary, continue to PI Hunt so that you are in the best position, should legislation be enacted.”


The Gwaredu BVD team will continue to be available to support the industry with BVD queries until at least 31 March 2023. Please note, the Gwaredu BVD office will be closed from the 23 December for the Christmas period, but all queries will be answered on return.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in the New Year.